Meeting with Tbeng Commune to Discuss Ecotourism


  Yesterday, on the eighth of June, Mr. Rattana and a team of TCO staff visited the Tbeng Commune in the Kulen National Forest.     At the meeting house, each village and commune leader sat in on a TCO lead discussion, which aimed to identify Tbeng’s strengths and weaknesses,…

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Kicking Off the Home Garden Project

During the month of April, the Home Garden Project Team was able to select ten villages and three communes in the Puok district and eleven villages and three communes in the Kralanh district. Twenty-one awareness meetings were conducted in these villages/communes in order to educate families about the benefits of…

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New Water Filter Installations in the Tuol Roveing Village

Thanks to the help from our very generous supporters Chris and Dave, TCO has broken ground on installing 10 new Bio-sand Water Filters (BSFs) and 4 new wells in the Tuol Roveing Village, Lvea Commune. TCO staff went to the community to give a presentation on the filters and handover…

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