Our Board Directors

TCO is governed by a directing board that oversees different files and advises the staff. They assist with the financial policy, which includes TCO Statutes. TCO’s board meets 3 times a year. The Board consists of three members and, if necessary, can call emergency meetings to take action on urgent matters, should the need arise.

We are pleased to present the Board of Directors:

Mrs. NHEAN PHUONGMALY-TCO, Advisories Board

Mrs. NHEAN PHUONGMALY – TCO Advisory Board

Mrs. Nhean PhoungMaly is now working as the director of Rachna Satrei, a local NGO, and serves on the committee of the NGO network in Siem Reap. She has a wealth of experience in the fields of women’s rights, promotion, and community development. Her expertise has been demonstrated through the coordination of a large range of projects and activities targeting different social issues, as well as counseling female victims of domestic abuse. She had been working with NGOs since 2000.

Mrs. Phoung Maly completed her MBA in Accounting and Finance at Build Bright University. She founded Rachna Satrei in 2005 and is responsible for overseeing all of the organization’s programs, whilst ensuring their development and sustainability. She is also the liaison for donors and is responsible for coordinating fundraising activities.

Mr. UNG KUNTHEAR-TCO, Advisories Board

Mr. UNG KUNTHEAR – TCO Advisory Board

Mr. Ung Kunthear was born in Battambang and  currently lives in Phnom Penh. He has been involved with Civil society for the last 20 years. He knew of TCO and its empowerment projects through the targeted rural villagers undergoing sustainable community development through WASH, Agriculture training, organic vegetable production, fish-raising and relevant community-based management practices.

He is currently the WASH Training Resource Centre Manager at Church World Service, Cambodia.

Mr. KIM SOVANDY -TCO Advisories Board

Mr. KIM SOVANDY – TCO Advisory Board


Mr. Kim Sovandy was born in Battambang Province and served as a Hospital Medical Official from 1989 until 1994. He became a director of ABC Computer in 1996 in Siem Reap and completed a master’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in General Management. He is currently a part-time lecturer of Build Bright University, Siem Reap Campus, and became an Advisory Board Member of TCO in 2012. He founded and has managed Potential Computer School since 2000.

Mr. LONG KEO-TCO, Fundraiser

Mr. LONG KEO – TCO Fundraiser

Mr. Long Keo has been working in ADRA Cambodia as a Project Manager since 2001. Currently, he is serving as an advisory board chairman for International Children Care (ICC) Cambodia.

He holds a BA degree in Fishery Sciences from the Royal University of Agriculture and a MA degree in Development Management with Norton University, Cambodia. While working with ADRA Cambodia, he has experienced managing a number of programs related to informal education, water sanitation, maternal and child health, integrated food security and disaster relief.

He is involved with the consultancy team for Water and Sanitation Impact Evaluation, Food Security Evaluation, and Literacy Evaluation. He leads the project by monitoring an evaluation process, which includes research design for both qualitative and quantitative purposes.

Mr. Amir Lakhani - TCO Board Advisory

Mr. Amir Lakhani – TCO Advisory Board

Mr. Amir Lakhani is actively involved in supporting global philanthropic projects with special interest in social development, healthcare, and sustainable social enterprise while preserving the environmental qualities. He currently consults the dental outreach program of Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia; extension of this program to Luang Prabang, Laos; Youth Empowerment project Lahore, Pakistan; the Women’s Vocational Training Aligarh, India and Social Enterprise for the ultra-poor in Khorog, Tajkistan. His driving principle is to identify the best practices in social development and introduce and adapt these to other NGOs working globally.

Mr. Amir Lakhani holds masters and doctoral degrees in Physics from Brown University (1975). He spent 2 years as a Post-Doctoral Fellow also at Brown University before moving to the University of Sherbrooke in Canada as a professor where he set up a microwave laboratory and trained graduate students in Solid State Physics.  From 1981 to 1989 he was at the Bendix Aerospace Laboratory doing research in advanced communications and wrote proposals for research grants. During the last several years he has served on the Board of Directors at Brodhead Association in Bethlehem, the Nature’s Watch in Tampa and has been a consultant to the dental professionals.

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