Sustainable Community Development

Sustainable community development

Focus group discussion with CCs, VDCs, CBOs and CFR committees at Prey Chhkar village, Pong Ror Leu commune, Chi Kreng district

The Trailblazer Cambodia Organization uses a bottom-up community development strategy by working closely with Commune Councils (CC), with community and village organizations made up of at least 10% of the total populations of the villages with which we work, and with self-help groups. We believe this approach is a pivotal part of helping communities accomplish sustainable community development themselves. They decide which community problems to prioritize and tackle; we provide support and training to aid the villages.

We work very closely with vulnerable groups in the rural areas of Cambodia on many projects. Our efforts are focused on improving these groups’ socio-economic conditions, encouraging them to innovate, improving their education, providing them with useful technologies, and working with them to protect the environment.

TCO cooperates with sub-national committees and relevant NGOs on projects that improve Cambodian democracy and development needs at the village, commune, district, and provincial levels.

We rely on promoting Sustainable Community Development when we implement other programs. It helps us identify community needs that should be addressed and creates an avenue for self-sufficiency through training and educating workshops.

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