The Kid Dropped Out Project (Pilot Project)

Trailblazer Cambodia Organization - Kid Dropped Out Pilot Project

TCO staff meet with children sponsored by the pilot project

The Kid Dropped Out Project is a test of a new method of improving Cambodia’s education rate.  At present, the dropout rate for Cambodia’s poorest children stands between 15 and 20%. The aim of the project is, through very basic donations, to support children who are at risk for dropping out of school. Usually, these children at risk of dropping out either because they cannot afford the basic fees  or because their parents want them to help support the family full-time. The project works by providing at-risk students with scholarships to cover school fees, the students’ nutrition, and to help support their families.  Families are also approached in order to reinforce the stress of schooling for their child’s future.  Meanwhile, their attendance records are kept by collaborating schoolteachers and monitored for any improvement or deterioration.

Kid dropped out project

Starving No More and TCO staff meet with a sponsored child

This project is conducted by TCO in collaboration with Starving No More, a local nonprofit engaged in defeating malnutrition in rural Cambodia.  You can learn more about their efforts and sponsored students on their website.  As The Kid Dropped Out Project is in its pilot phase to test the viability of this educational effort, only eleven children have received yearly sponsorship since its inception in June, 2013.  However, the attendance rates of these at-risk students were shown to improve once supported by our scholarships, making it a preliminary success.  And can play a part in their success by making a donation to Starving No More!

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