Success Stories

These programs have made a positive impact on villages and communes, helping to bridge the gap between modern farming technology, and out of date agriculture practices, some of which haven’t changed since Angkor Wat times. We’re proud of the progress that both TCO and the villages have made.

Also of note, because of our past success with these projects, we do have the ability to revisit them in the future. In many cases we already have a network in place, a village in need, and a proven plan to enact. All we need is funding to help us get (re)started. If you’d like to help us help Cambodia, please donate here.

Projects that we’ve successfully implemented in the Siem Reap Provonice of Cambodia:

Aquatic Agriculture Systems Project

Fundraising for fixing the bridge

Fundraising to repair local infrastructure


This project was designed to help benefit communities that are dependent on the Tonle Sap watershed and lake for sustenance, be it via rice farming or fishing. Read more



The Kid Dropped Out Project

Children from a Public Primary School of Siem Reap Municipality

Children from a Public Primary School of Siem Reap Municipality

At present, the dropout rate for Cambodia’s poorest children stands between 15 and 20%. The aim of the project is, through very basic donations, to support children who are at risk for dropping out of school. Read more



Sustainable Community Development

Sustainable community development

Focus group discussion with commune council members

Our efforts are focused on improving these groups’ socio-economic conditions, encouraging them to innovate, improving their education, providing them with useful technologies, and working with them to protect the environment. Read more



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