Home Vegetable Garden Project

The “Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia” program, otherwise known as the Home Vegetable Garden Project, is a joint endeavor with World Fish and AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center as a part of USAID’s Feed the Future (FTF) initiative.

meeting 4

A meeting with potential households to provide nutrition information

Although fairly new, (we just started in March 2016!) we are moving quickly towards our goals.

We aim to help 500 households in the Puok and Angkor Chum Districts. Families with children five years old or younger, and families that are considered vulnerable (e.g. with a woman as the breadwinner, marginalized ethic groups, etc.) are eligible for enrolling in our Home Garden Program.

The households receive information about nutrition and how it affects healthy development, assistance with planning gardens and cropping calendars, and knowledge about preparing vegetables.

In addition to informing the households, we also train leading members of the community. Thus, we can provide ongoing support to households as they take care of their home garden. These community leaders, known as community based trainers or (CBTs), will assist families in tending to their home gardens and also in recording their crop yields.

garden 1

A household’s garden plot being prepped for planting

After all the training is completed, the households are to receive seed kits, provided by AVRDC, that contain a variety of plants that the World Vegetable Center recommends.

We look forward to battling the malnutrition that plagues rural villages.

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