Eco Soap Bank

You can follow the work of our partner, Eco-Soap Bank, here!

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Eco-Soap Bank is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing waste, improving hygiene, and providing income opportunities across Cambodia. Eco-Soap Bank collects used bars of soap, empty water bottles, and other toiletries from Cambodian guesthouses and hotels, sanitizes the soap, and redistributes it across Cambodia. In addition, Eco-Soap Bank provides basic hygiene lessons to the Cambodian communities that it serves.

Eco-Soap Bank has carried out over 150,000 soap donations, has recycled over 20,000 pounds of waste, and has served over 650,000 people across Cambodia.

As a partner, Trailblazer Cambodia provides organizational and local support to Eco Soap Bank, as the non-profit is currently run out of the US. We house the production process at our office in Siem Reap and assist in collecting and distributing soap to rural hospitals and schools in the Siem Reap province.

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