Demonstration Farm and Life Skills Project


Field personnel begin construction of a plot in the demonstration farm

The Demonstration Farm Project is done in collaboration with the Engelstoft Family Foundation in order to provide relevant, quality learning to Cambodian primary and secondary school students.  It centers around the building of multiple demonstration farms and aquaculture ponds around a local, rural school where such things are currently unavailable.  The goals of this project are four-fold: to educate students in profitable farm practices, to provide nutritional supplements to students, to generate extra school funding for education, and to teach critical technical skills.


Students observe the filling up of an aquaculture pond

Students will be engaged in growing a multitude of nutritious crops, which they will be taught about both in class and on the farm.  These crops will contribute to the students’ meals and the surplus will be sold to generate profits for the school. Computer skills and foreign language classes (specifically English) will be taught at all levels to introduce students to critical information and enhance their employment opportunities. Additionally, a science laboratory will be used to demonstrate the scientific processes the students learn–something which is currently a rarity in rural Cambodia.


Students attend an agricultural class

Since this project’s inception in 2014, the demonstration farm has been built and supported crops for a whole year.  Its fruits and vegetables have been used to supplement the meals of students and they are able to gain valuable agricultural knowledge.  The curricula for teaching foreign languages, computer skills, and science experiments are still in development, as are the aquaculture ponds, but it is hoped these will be completed and in use by the end of 2016.  Additionally, now that many of the demonstration farm crops have been established, it is hoped their yields will continue to increase.

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