Our Projects

Current Projects

We’re making a lot of progress with helping rural farmers’ day-to-day operations and teaching communities about sanitation and hygiene. To learn more about what we do at Trailblazer Cambodia Organization, click here.

Here’s just one of our current projects:


WASH Project

PVC Pull pump done by local drillers

Our WASH (Water And Sanitation Hygiene) Project is an ongoing effort to improve the health of rural villagers, particularly children. This is a twofold process of installing water wells and latrines and teaching community members effective hygiene methods. Our expected outcome is to reach 80% of targeted families to have access to use BSFs properly, while 60% of the targeted villagers will be able to practice. Read more about this project here.

PVC Pull pump done by local drillers

Past Success

We have a history of making a positive impact here in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia, which despite being a home of a huge tourist destination, Angkor Wat, still remains one of the poorest areas of the country. To find out more about what we already have (successfully!) accomplished, please click here.

Here’s just one of our success stories:


Sustainable Community Development

Sustainable community development

TCO’s community development strategy is to use a bottom-up framework by working closely with the Commune Councils (CC) to solve the problems they perceive to be the most serious in their communities. Read more about this project here. 

Focus group discussion with commune council members

Future Plans

By always thinking about our next project and proposing new ideas, we’re able to reach rural communities in a variety of ways, all with the aim to carry the Siem Reap province out of poverty, and into sustainability.

Please read more about our Tbeng Social Enterprise proposal here.


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