Kicking Off the Home Garden Project

garden 1

A picture of home garden in the village

During the month of April, the Home Garden Project Team was able to select ten villages and three communes in the Puok district and eleven villages and three communes in the Kralanh district.

Twenty-one awareness meetings were conducted in these villages/communes in order to educate families about the benefits of nutrition and the consequences of malnutrition. Since the seed kits are arranged with nutrients in mind, the households learned about different nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamins A & C and which vegetables contained certain minerals. These meetings were a crucial step towards conquering malnutrition in rural communities.

After the meetings, interested and qualified households (households with children five years old and under, and/or headed by a woman, and/or belonging to an ethnic minority group) signed up to participate in the Home Garden Project. The Project Team then conducted home checks to gauge the level of motivation in this project, and to also confirm that the household qualified for the initiative. In addition to the household members having to qualify, the family also needs access to water and a plot of land suitable for the home garden.

In total, there are five hundred and thirty household participants, with four hundred and nineteen participants being female.

We hope to begin more specialized training about tending to the home garden/preparing the vegetables and to distribute the seed kits soon.

To learn more about our Home Garden Project’s past and plans, click here.


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