Steven and Mr. Rattana“I spent 4 months volunteering with TCO: Feb-June 2016.  The experience was amazing and eye-opening.  I spent most of my time designing projects and learning what it takes to run an NGO in Cambodia.  Though it was challenging to dive straight into, I soon got my bearings and gained confidence to begin fully contributing to TCO.  I have learned so much from this opportunity and I would not trade it for anything in the world.  It is incredibly humbling to know that my work will help improve the lives of Cambodia’s most vulnerable people.  TCO and its staff care very much about the welfare of their nation’s people and it was a great honor to work with them.  I only wish I could help more.” –Steven, former volunteer



“Thank you so much for opening the doors of your non-profit to me. I’ve enjoyed the past two weeks so much and have learned a lot about your work, Cambodia and all of the wonderful people who are forwarding your mission. I’ll be sure to keep in touch from the States.” -Marguerite, former volunteer





“I spent five weeks at TCO and I had a great time visiting the projects, taking part in training sessions, and meeting the staff! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know your organization and for all of your efforts to translate Khmer.” -Vivian, former volunteer






“Working with TCO provides people with the opportunity to visit areas completely off the tourist and backpacker track as well as developing skills in administrative charity work. It expands your knowledge of Cambodia and allows you to delve into the culture in a way that’s impossible to do on a short trip. You get to experience the lifestyles of city living Cambodians by working and spending time with the office workers alongside experiencing rural life on day trips to the areas that TCO work in. A fantastic experience and definitely recommended!”        -Elena, former volunteer

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