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Rice Field Fishery Enhancement Project Workshop

1.  Cross-Visit / Study tour 

10$ (USD) per day of training for 10 people. (Charges pay the fees of the program facilitators)

2. Training at TCO (15 people or more)

15$ (USD) per person per day. (Charges pay for the training facility fees– LCD screens, flipcharts, markers, documents, program facilitators’ fees, certificates, food)

Note: Training manuals will be provided for each topic.


3. Consultancy:

  • Junior staff  =   $ US 15/day/person
  • Senior staff   =   $ US 25/day/person
  • Highly professional staff  =   $ US 100-150/day/person


4. Innovative services:

  • Animal healthcare, nutrition and activities including feeding and livestock management (goats, cattle, pigs, and poultry).
  • Utilization of local resources for animal and fish feeding
  • Production, preservation and utilization of agricultural products and by-products for animal feeding.
  • Renewable energy (biogas and gasification) installation, maintenance and operation.
  • Integrated farming system development and organic farming.
  • Community development and sustainability approaches including livestock Farmer Field School.
  • Experimental design, data collection and statistical analysis.
  • Project assessment (participatory rural approval) design, Monitoring and Evaluation.


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