Internship Opportunities


The intern will work alongside the TCO Executive Director in assisting with various web updates and project designs, as well as improve existing piloting projects in the countryside surrounding Siem Reap. Possible duties include assisting in the vocational training and developing sustainable models, sourcing grants and marketing, networking with partners/donors, and conducting monitoring activities.


An ideal candidate is one who is knowledgeable about environmental science, IT, business management, etc. Applicants should be working towards a degree in either sciences or arts (in a relevant field) who are familiar with methods of success on a small, sustainable model. The applicant should be familiar with tropical (monsoon) climates and able to manipulate conditions to the advantage of the project. Furthermore, the applicant should have a strong knowledge of statistical analysis and data collection, as well as information technology, in order to improve our quality of work.

Applicants must be flexible, patient, motivated, self-directed and culturally sensitive. He/She must be familiar with the events of Cambodia’s turbulent past. He/She must be capable of overcoming setbacks and frustrations typical of working in a developing country, and also be able to work well in both field and office environments.

Master’s degree candidates are preferable to Bachelor’s candidates, but both are acceptable and encouraged to apply.

Application does not require proficiency of the Khmer language, but such a skill would improve the applicant’s chance of selection.  If the applicant is not fluent in Khmer, they must be fluent in English.

Time Period

1-3 months

What’s Offered

TCO will provide an orientation session and practical guidance on accommodations and living in Siem Reap. Please note that this is an unpaid internship and TCO is unable to provide any funding for accepted interns. Please inquire directly with your university career office for any possible funding opportunities.

If you are interested in internship opportunities, please download the application here.


  1. I would like to get a chance to volunteer in your institution. Do you have any position for me volunteer? I hope you will reply my comment soon.

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