Fundraising for Bridge repairing in Muk Wat


Houses in flood

Muk Wat village is located in Kampong Khliang Commune, Sotr Nikum District, Siem Reap Province and is flooded 6 months of the year.  The village consists of 154 families, 332 men & 390 women, with 14.68% of women representing the head of the household.  With their main occupations being fishing and farming the accessibility of the bridge is crucial for the transportation of their agricultural produce.  Mr. Chhorng Sambo and Mrs. Sin Ny were selected as community facilitators. Repairing the bridge was deemed the most important task by commune council Mr. Pa Po, and then the process of fundraising began.  In regards to inspiring other community members to take action Mr. Pa Po said “In implementing the process always challenge but the important thing is when we meet challenges we invite relevant stakeholders to solve it. The reality is meeting people at home is impossible, we have to join with commune council to invite relevant stakeholders to present about specific purposes so that we can process.”  In addition Mrs. Sin Ny said, “after we make a document recognized by chief of commune council other village chiefs also began to raise funds, now we have 1,590,000 reil.  In conclusion if we associated with the initiatives of community they will support the community to reach that goal.”


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