Cooking Training on Tbeng Community

In August 2014 (days 7, 8 and 9), Apsara Foundation and TCO supported a training on restaurant management and better cooking practices on the Tbeng Community. 22 Trainees and other observers from TCO, authority and community attended the training program. 

This kind of programs are important because most of the cooks in the community still cook using the traditional ways and, sometimes, these ways aren’t the most healthy and profitable. Given this, by learning from the professional cooks and restaurant managers’ skills, the local cooks can improve their methods and so, improve the taste and safety of the food, what will bring more tourists and, therefore, more profits.

The satisfaction of the trainees became evident when they manifested that using this techniques they are able to cook the meals faster, have a better understanding of what ingredients to use and how to cook the food in ways that the tourists will like and trust.

Vily, the trainer, talked about the fact that poor communities don’t have the funds to buy expensive materials and so, they must learn how to use the materials that are accessible to them in the best way, and also learn how to keep them clean and presentable. On a side note, Vily also works with M’lop Tapang, in the project of the street child in Sihanoukville.

The community representative’s impression is positive, thanking the trainer and everyone who made the training possible. He highlighted the hygiene and sanitation practices, how to provide better service, and the importance of keeping the surroundings of the community house clean. Also referred what he learnt in the subject of cooking itself, like how to cook with less salt and other ingredients, how to fry eggs, noodles, how to cook Amok, etc.

Overall it was a great experience that, hopefully, will be repeated in other communities.

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