Community Meeting in Khompong Khleang Stilted Community.

We were happy to visit and facilitate a meeting between the communities around the flooded villages near Tonle Sap on Saturday. This meeting of leaders in Khompong Khleang allowed the community leaders to present what they had identified as the priorities of their own neighbours. The main concerns were paving of roads; food access for the poorest; and medical access for these cut off regions. Following this a discussion of needs, feasibility and budget ensued.

For the volunteers that were invited on this trip, it was a fantastic opportunity to view the benefits of a self sustaining program where those who benefit from the program, are the same as those who identify the true needs they have, and are encouraged to think through all aspects of how a solution could be accomplished. Only once you know how the individual sees their own situation and their own way out can you truly help to make that happen.

Our thanks to all those in attendance for their company, their laughter whilst sharing a meal, their openness about the problems they face, and for the insight they provided into their unique way of life and beautiful home.


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