Fundraising for Bridge repairing in Muk Wat

Muk Wat village is located in Kampong Khliang Commune, Sotr Nikum District, Siem Reap Province and is flooded 6 months of the year.  The village consists of 154 families, 332 men & 390 women, with 14.68% of women representing the head of the household.  With their main occupations being fishing…

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Waste Management in the Santey community


Santey Village is located in the Soutr Nikum District of Siem Reap Province and has a total population of 960 people (Nov 2013) whose main sources of income are farming, fishing and livestock. The village has had a major problem with waste on the street and in the homes, to…

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Community Meeting in Khompong Khleang Stilted Community.


We were happy to visit and facilitate a meeting between the communities around the flooded villages near Tonle Sap on Saturday. This meeting of leaders in Khompong Khleang allowed the community leaders to present what they had identified as the priorities of their own neighbours. The main concerns were paving…

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