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TCO staff meet with village members to discuss a community development project.

Trailblazer Cambodia Organization (TCO) is a Siem Reap-based  Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization registered with the Ministry of the Interior on August 18, 2008. It is governed and led by a group of Cambodian agriculture and rural development specialists, board members, and fundraising chairs. The management team and staff have experience working with fisheries, development, free chemical agriculture, livestock, and water and sanitation hygiene (WASH) sectors.

TCO believes that encouraging rural villagers to create self-sustaining programs through WASH projects, capacity building, agriculture training and organic vegetable production, micro-loans, and community-based natural resource management will help improve health and the overall quality of life, contributing to poverty reduction.  Each of the projects we embark upon is tailored to communities in a bottom-up manner while remaining in line with our mission and partner guidelines to ensure an effective coordination of resources solving local challenges.

TCO targets the poorest and most vulnerable populations in all projects and engages them in community development activities to strengthen village level institutions.  We teach them through training workshops to effectively coordinate and manage community projects. Each intervention effort is partnered with all levels of local authorities and relevant stakeholders in order to ensure that the goals achieved can be sustained long-term.


At TCO, we believe that everyone should be able to experience life in all its fullness, without the limitations of poverty.


To contribute to the alleviation of poverty in our target areas of Cambodia and improve the overall quality of life for the families who live there.


TCO staff demonstrate farming techniques to local middle school students.

Overall Objectives:

TCO seeks to improve the quality of life experienced by rural Cambodians.  Our primary means of doing this are as follows:

  • Community Development: increasing communities’ capacity for self-governance and collaboration to solve problems and reach long term goals
  • Sustainable Development: creating infrastructure, institutions, and practices that can function indefinitely, particularly in concern with environmental practices
  • Natural Resource Management: teaching best practice methods of using available natural resources
  • Education: providing learning opportunities to community members allows them to make more informed economic, agricultural, and health decisions

We strive to meet the needs of our target communities as they perceive them.  This means that each intervention we perform is directed from the bottom-up rather than from a remote, top-down structure.  Operating as such ensures that the communities are actually benefited by our actions.

Cambodia has a wealth of natural resources which, when sustainably developed by communities, are a means to lift them out of poverty.  As such TCO provides agriculture training and organic vegetable production, as well as empowering rural villagers to create self-help groups (SHG), village saving groups (VSG), village organizations (VO), community-based organizations (CBO), and various village committees (VC).

Furthermore we aim to set up and mentor small self-sustaining businesses for the poorest and most vulnerable groups of the population, including women and children, in the targeted rural areas of Siem Reap.

Our Current Goals:

Vegetables grown in gardens which are part of the Organic Vegetable Production Project.

Vegetables grown in gardens which are part of the Organic Vegetable Production Project.

Enhance sustainable natural resource management.  

Improve community access to WASH services.  

Enhance education for target beneficiaries.  

Improve livelihood and food security for target beneficiaries.

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